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"The Eye of God - Recreating Andreas Gursky, Bahrain 1 (Google Earth Remix)" 2009

"As many young photographers, I always dreamt about flying around the world, visiting spectacular spots and places, just like Superstar Andreas Gursky does. So finally I decided to stop dreaming and just do It - in Google Earth."


    "A clever hack allows one young photographer to recreate a famous work, minus the price tag"
(via Fastcompany.com)

"Talent leiht, Genie stiehlt. Für die Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe ein klarer Fall fürs Museum."
(via Monopol-Magazin)

"Florian Freier uses Google Earth to digitally tinker with Andreas Gursky’s monumental photographs"
(via frieze-magazine)

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Kerber Verlag, 2012, "Déjà-vu? from Dürer to YouTube" - ISBN 978-3-866-78676-9 

Edition Folkwang/Steidl, 2014, "(Mis)understanding Photography" - ISBN 978-3-869-30764-0



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