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"Was sagt mehr über unsere Persönlichkeit aus: Der Wohnraum oder das Profil im Netz? Der Fotograf Florian Freier hat versucht das herauszufinden - Ein Einblick in die digitale und die physische Identität der Menschen"
Süddeutsche Zeitung 02.2016

"Exploring the line between public and private spaces - Photographer Florian Freier has documented living spaces against Facebook profile pages"
           via Alphr

"Spying on the Spies – With Google Maps (...) Freier didn’t take the photos, or even the screenshots featured in his elaborate composite images. All of them were pulled from a subfolder holding a thumbnail cache of every web page he visits."
          via WIRED.com 07.2015

"This provides an insight into how our data is handled by companies like Google. Visits are documented and saved in the browser cache, but then the information is broken up and stored in a nonsensical and abstract grid."
           via WIRED UK 07.2015

"Freier's images of secret data collection centers have a lot in common with the data that the NSA collects: They appear nonsensical at first, but they actually contain some meaningful information about the appearance of these sites."
          via Fast Company

"Freier's series offers a meta-commentary on the automated tracking of individuals’ download histories and browser caches, revealing the online implications of Paglen’s appeal for surveillance transparency."
           via VICE creatorsproject 06.2015

"Talent leiht, Genie stiehlt. Für die Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe ein klarer Fall fürs Museum."
          via Monopol-Magazin

"Florian Freier erzählt per Video, wie er durch Screenshots von Google Earth ein Lookalike von Gurskys Rennstrecken-Foto "Bahrain I" schuf."
           via Der Spiegel

"Florian Freier uses Google Earth to digitally tinker with Andreas Gursky’s monumental photographs (...) – A history shaped by inventors, entrepreneurs and hackers."
           via FRIEZE Magazine 06.2014

"A clever hack allows one young photographer to recreate a famous work, minus the price tag"
           via Fast Company 01.2010


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