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"Revolving Poet - everybody is a poet now" rainbow hair filter
left: animated GIF and original artwork (2016), right: ripped snapchat filter (april 2017)

Besides all the recent fun with snapchat filters, this is really serious: I’m very honored that after almost one year and more than 350.000 views on GIPHY.com snapchat stole my design (which was actually a cheap parody on AR filters) to turn it into a real snapchat filter.

Unfortunately, as my original design was published under a creative commons license, it looks like the pics of everyone using the filter now actually get published under the same open license. So, instead of suing the company for copyright I wrote a script to download and print the images of everyone using the design. More coming soon..


The original design was published as an animated GIF on GIPHY.com in August 2016. Until it was ripped by Snapchat into a real camera filter in April 2017 it had more than 350.000 views online.



Growing collection and ongoing project - All public snaps using the design are getting downloaded, printed and archived in paper.


"Revolving Poet - everybody is a poet now", raibow hair concept is based on Man Ray, The Poet, 1938, Silver gelatin print, 11,5 x 8 cm (view original at the collection of SFMOMA online)

Ultra-high res Man Ray original image file kindly provided by Collezione Campiani, Brescia IT and dadaclub.online. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Legal disclaimer: If you have used the rainbow hair filter and you are offended by your picture appearing on this page, please send a note and it will be removed from the collection. This project is not about hurting your and other people's privacy. Besides illustrating my own case, this is also about some general upcoming legal and moral questions in augmented reality and photography. Also if you are happy to participate the project, please just let me know via email.



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