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The moving city (Barcelona, 2016/2017)

    An ongoing project documenting change of urban spaces by matching street view construction sites with GPS located AirBNB interiors.

The omnipresent bags of construction waste are becoming sculptures celebrating the new, but also monuments for the old that is carried away with them at the same time.

For more than one year I was documenting change of urban spaces by matching Barcelona's street view construction sites with GPS located Airbnb interiors - searching for the visible identity of a city that is searching for itself more than ever before.

Besides documenting the city's transformation in it's specific spaces, the photographic series is also examining the idea of urban identity in an age of global online services and worldwide standards in aesthetics, photography and design.

"The Moving City" will be published as a print on demand photo book featuring a selection of 100 images of the series.

A growing collection of images also will be published on this website.



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Downloadable data collection for many cities, aggregated, cleaned and analyzed by Murray Cox. Sourced from publicly available information from the Airbnb site (including Barcelona, London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, LA, NY, San Francisco, ...):

Visualisation of Airbnb in Barcelona through the years

"The fixed population in the Gothic district (...) has dropped from 27,470 residents in 2006 to just 15,624 at the end of 2015. Now, 63 percent are "floating" residents -- tourists or people in short-term lets."

These Are The Cities Where You Can Make The Most Money Renting Properties On Airbnb

"Companies like Airbnb and WeWork are popularizing the same generic spaces across the globe; it even has a name, recently christened by Kyle Chayka: airspace."

"Quantifying cities’ emotional effects - A new Web tool could help measure subjective impressions of urban environments, which may have consequences for social behaviors."

Exhibition views at Hangar Studios, Barcelona ES, 07.2017

In respect of privacy all interior images are used without revealing any original names and locations. „The Moving City“ is not affiliated with Airbnb or any of the companies that appear in this project. All quoted images are used for research and educational purposes only.

This project was realized with the Hangar.org studio residency program. Barcelona 2016 / 2017

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