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"Profile Page" photo book (2014 - 2015), 115 pages; ISBN 978-1-326-49923-5

"Exploring the line between public and private spaces - Photographer Florian Freier has documented living spaces against Facebook profile pages"
Alphr Mag, Thomas McMullan

"Confronting each apartment with a screenshot of its inhabitants Facebook profile page, the project is an attempt to analyze the relationship between default layouts and user customization, and a visual study into how we inhabit space, both physical and digital."
// Link Editions, Domenico Quaranta

"Was sagt mehr über unsere Persönlichkeit aus: Der Wohnraum oder das Profil im Netz? Der Fotograf Florian Freier hat versucht das herauszufinden - Ein Einblick in die digitale und die physische Identität der Menschen"
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Sara Weber

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"Profile Page", 2014 - 2015 (115 pages) at Link Editions; ISBN 978-1-326-49923-5

"Our private living rooms are the profile pages of our physical world.
Messed up, pretty arranged or even inconspicuous, silent and private. How do they reflect our lives and what‘s their relationship to our online identities?"

Profile Page presents a selection of 100 images out of a much wider project documenting the living rooms in a huge brutalist housing unit with more than 600 standardized student flats, and confronting the pictures with a screenshot of their inhabitants’ Facebook profile page. The result is a study on the “relationship between frameworks and content, uniform design and customization, conformism and originality, social control and freedom, and how it develops within the “virtual” and the “real” world”, as Domenico Quaranta writes in his intro text.

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US, UK and DE). The whole book is also available for free download under a cc license at the Link Editions website.

Profile Page has been added to the collection of artist books of the Museum of Modern Art New York as part of the acquisition of the Library of the Printed Web (great company with selected artist books by Olia Lialina, Mishka Henner, Katja Stuke, Clement Valla, Cory Arcangel, Richard Prince, David Horvitz, ...)

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